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Liquid Elements Tire Cleaning and Care - Set Basic

Liquid Elements Tire Cleaning and Care - Set Basic
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Content: 1 Kit

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Liquid Elements Tire Cleaning and Care - Set Basic KIT insists on the following... more

Liquid Elements Tire Cleaning and Care - Set Basic

KIT insists on the following individual components:

- 1 x Liquid Elements Back in Black Tire & Plastic Gel 1.0L

- 1 x Liquid Elements Easy Clean dry wash 1,0l

- 2 x Liquid Elements Waxer Allround Microfiber Cloth 40x40cm 600GSM

- 10 x Liquid Elements Sponge Applicator 102mm x 22mm Handheld Applicator


Liquid Elements Back in Black Tire & Plastic Gel 500ml

Tyre &  Trim  Gel for all tires and  outer  plastics Back in Black is a standard tire and plastic gel that leavesa
beautiful silky shine and refreshed color.

Easy to use and can be used without much pre-cleaning.

Service life approx. 4 to 8 weeks. With prior cleaning with Easy Clean, the service life can be slightly improved.


Brings tires back their natural blackness
 and refreshes all plastic surfaces in the outer area of the car.


Put a splash of "Back in Black" on an applicator (For example, givethe Liquid Elements Sponge  Applicator  102mm x 22mm  hand applicator and rub in the area to be

If necessary, the amount can be increased or the process can be repeated to achieve a perfect result.


Liquid Elements Easy Clean Dry Wash 1,0L

Easy Clean dry wash and lubricant from Liquid Elements is a perfect two in one product.
The sensational formula cleans the complete
 exterior calculation  quickly, easily and effectively.
For the use of Easy Clean no water (Rinseless
 Wash) isrequired, but only a microfiber cleaning cloth
 wipe off   dissolved  dirt. Within seconds, dust and dirt are removed without effort.
Due to its special formula, which forms a good sliding film and dries only very slowly,
Liquid Elements Easy Clean is also ideal for removing deposits by means of cleaning kneading.

A very important product for a perfectly shiny car at events or at any time in everyday life.

Way to the washing box is too far? Easy Clean is ready!


Cleaning without water (Rinseless  Wash)
Fast, easy and effective
Lubricants for cleaning kneading
Everywhere applicable
Suitable for films and mats Lacquers


Spray Easy Clean dry laundry onto the surface to be treated and wipe with a microfiber cloth such as the
Liquid Elements Moss
In the case of stubborn dirt, leave on for about 20 seconds or repeat the process.

It makes sense to work from top to bottom, as you are used to from the car wash.

If there is very heavy coarse dirt on the vehicle, it is recommended
to remove it by a proper
hand wash, with the prior use of a high-pressure cleaner. Large dirt particles such as
tree bark, leaves, small branches or the like can
lead to scratches when  wiping  over the paint.

Liquid Elements Waxer Allround Microfiber Towel 40x40cm 600GSM

Waxer a cloth which is unparalleled in terms of price/performance.
Hardly any other microfiber cloth offers
 so much for the money and the data speaks for itself,  
as well as countless satisfied users.

Polish wax removal and sealants, but other work is also easy for this towel.


Very gentle on the surface
Size 40 x 40
Weight 600 GSM
microfiber edge


Polish wax removal, sealants and care products.

Item number: T17

80% polyester
20% polyamide


Liquid Elements Sponge Applicator 102mm x 22mm Handheld Applicator

Sponge Applicator  by Liquid Elements is a practical handheld applicator  formany
different applications.

The particularly soft foam enables economical and gentle work
in the
 exteriorand interior ofmotor vehicles.
 Sponge  Applicator can be used to apply waxes and sealants
or to process cleaners.

There are no limits to the areas of application of this product.

The stamped LE logo offers a beautiful look and
does not restrict its


Particularly soft and gentle
Usable for application and processing
cleaners, waxes and sealants
Pretty and high-quality LE branding


Put cleaners, waxes, sealants or the like on theappli kator and distribute. 
Depending on the product, then remove with a microfiber cloth.


Diameter: 102mm
Height: 22mm
Material: Foam

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