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IPA - Isopropanol Paint Cleaner, 1L

IPA - Isopropanol Paint Cleaner, 1L
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Content: 1 Liter

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Liquid Elements IPA Isopropanol / Isopropyl Alcohol 99% Isopropyl alcohol is an optimal method... more

Liquid Elements IPA Isopropanol / Isopropyl Alcohol 99%

Isopropyl alcohol is an optimal method for cleaning and degreasing surfaces completely and thoroughly. Whether it's before applying wax or sealants, for cleaning before polishing, or as a control after polishing, isopropyl alcohol can remove all fats, fillers, or other contaminations. IPA is also very suitable for household use and can be used to remove resins, ink, grease stains, and much more. When using ceramic sealants like our Liquid Elements "Eco Shield", we also recommend prior treatment with Liquid Elements "IPA".

IPA is also used for the production of disinfectants.


  • Removes / degreases surfaces from polish and silicone residues after polishing
  • 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol
  • Dilutable with water 70/30, 50/50 or 30/70


  1. If necessary, dilute IPA with water
  2. Generously spray the painted surface
  3. Wipe off with a clean and fine microfiber cloth


  • Do not apply to warm surfaces
  • Only treat painted surfaces and metal
  • Do not treat unlacquered plastics or rubbers with IPA
  • IPA is not a cleaner in the conventional sense, but suitable for degreasing surfaces
  • Do not apply undiluted IPA to the paint. We recommend a 30-40% dilution with distilled water

Variant 1000ml IPA
Delivery: IPA in 1000ml spray bottle

Variant 5000ml IPA
Delivery: IPA in 5000ml packaging without spray bottle

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