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LE PRO Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating

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Content: 50 Milliliter (2,598.00€ * / 1000 Milliliter)

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Liquid Elements Professional Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating: We are proud to... more

Liquid Elements Professional Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating:

We are proud to introduce to you our latest product from the Liquid Elements Professional series: the Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating. This groundbreaking next-generation ceramic sealant has been specifically designed for professional vehicle detailers who demand the highest standards of quality and performance.


Perfect Protection, Stunning Shine:

The Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating provides outstanding protection and long-lasting sealing for paint and surfaces. Thanks to an advanced chemical reaction with humidity, the protective layer essentially bonds with the surface, resulting in increased scratch resistance and enduring defense against harmful environmental factors such as UV rays and extreme temperatures.

The impressive hydrophobic effect of the Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating causes water and dirt to effortlessly bead off the treated surface. This not only ensures easy cleaning but also leaves behind a radiant shine and remarkable depth of color for your paint.


Versatile Applicability:

Our Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating is highly versatile. It is perfect for car paints, glass surfaces, chrome and metal parts, as well as plastic and rubber components. Thanks to its flexible application possibilities, you can use the Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating on a variety of surfaces throughout the exterior of your vehicle.


1. Shake the bottle well before use.
Thoroughly clean and dry the surface to be treated.

2. Apply 5-6 drops of Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating onto an application cloth or applicator block.

3. Apply the product in a criss-cross pattern to the area (approximately 80x80cm) to create a closed layer.

4. Allow the product to sit for 3-5 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.

5. Carefully remove all residue with an Eraser microfiber cloth until the paint shines flawlessly.

6. The Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating will absorb after approximately 2 hours and reach its full effect after 72 hours. Avoid contact with water droplets during the first 10 hours.

7. If necessary, the process can be repeated after 30 minutes (up to three layers are possible).



After curing, the Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating can only be removed through polishing, highlighting its long-lasting and reliable performance.


Experience the future of vehicle care with the Hydrolice Hybrid Ceramic Coating from the LE Pro series. Give your vehicle the best protection and the most radiant shine. Order today from Liquid Elements and set new standards in vehicle care!

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