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Motorcycle Care Set Rims

Motorcycle Care Set Rims
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Motorcycle Wheel Care Set: The Liquid Elements Motorcycle Care Set offers you a... more

Motorcycle Wheel Care Set:

The Liquid Elements Motorcycle Care Set offers you a comprehensive solution for cleaning and maintaining your motorcycle wheels. The set includes two high-quality wheel cleaners in a generous 1-liter size, a specially designed wheel brush, and 10 practical all-purpose cloths.

The wheel cleaner in our set has been specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt, brake dust, and contaminants from your motorcycle wheels. The cleaner easily removes dirt and leaves a clean and radiant finish.

The included wheel brush allows for a thorough cleaning of the wheels. Its specially designed wool head penetrates into the indentations and crevices of the wheels to remove even stubborn dirt. With this brush, you can reach hard-to-access areas and achieve a flawless result.

The 10 all-purpose cloths are ideal for cleaning the wheel surfaces and wiping off the wheel cleaner. They are absorbent, durable, and gentle on the surfaces. With their help, you can evenly distribute the cleaner and remove excess product to obtain perfectly clean wheels.

Invest in thorough wheel care with our Motorcycle Care Set, consisting of wheel cleaner, wheel brush, and all-purpose cloths. Order the set today and experience sparkling clean wheels and effortless cleaning that will make your motorcycle shine like new!


Consisting of:

2x Liquid Elements Dust Cracker - Wheel Cleaner, 1L

1x Liquid Elements Furby XL - Wheel Brush, 50cm

2x Liquid Elements 5-Piece Set: Value - Microfiber Cloth, 310GSM, 40x40cm


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