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Eraser - Microfiber Cloth, 250GSM, 40x40cm

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Liquid Elements Eraser Microfiber Cloth 40x40cm 250GSM The Eraser microfiber cloth is... more

Liquid Elements Eraser Microfiber Cloth 40x40cm 250GSM

The Eraser microfiber cloth is specially designed to remove excess ceramic coatings after application, such as those used with Liquid Elements Eco Shield and Base Coat 9H.
Thanks to its unique microfiber structure, the Eraser has a very soft and flexible fiber, which ensures strong performance and precise absorption of ceramic residues without removing too many ceramic components or damaging the surface.
In addition, the thin fiber structure provides a good grip, allowing the necessary pressure to be applied to the surface.


  • Specially engineered fibers to remove excess ceramic coatings
  • Size: 40x40 cm
  • Weight: 250 GSM
  • Ultrasonically cut without edges
  • Suitable for use on any surface
  • Very gentle and efficient microfiber structure


  1. Wring out the cloth
  2. Fold the Eraser and place it on the treated surface
  3. Wipe away the excess ceramic coating in one pass
  4. Flip the cloth and place it on the surface again
  5. Wipe away the remaining excess ceramic coating without applying pressure until no residue is visible


  • "Normal" cloths should not be used for the Shield system, as only the Eraser can ensure the perfect removal of ceramic coatings.
  • Machine washable at up to 60°C (preferably with microfiber detergent)
  • After washing, wring out the cloth and hang it to dry (a dryer can also be used on a gentle cycle for microfiber cloths)
  • Do not continue using microfiber cloths that are dirty or contaminated, for example, if they accidentally come into contact with the floor during use.

Material Composition:

  • 80% polyester
  • 20% polyamide
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