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Towel Reset - Microfiber Detergent, 1L

Towel Reset - Microfiber Detergent, 1L
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Content: 1 Liter

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Liquid Elements Towel Reset is a special microfiber detergent.
Only a small amount of 30-70ml is needed for a load in the washing machine. The amount used depends on the level of dirtiness and the quantity of towels.
For a half-full machine with lightly used towels, 30ml is sufficient.
For a full machine or heavily soiled towels, 50ml should be used as a guideline.
It deep cleans all delicate microfibers, removes polish residue, dirt, and/or residues from ceramic sealants such as Liquid Elements EcoShield.

The high-quality ingredients restore the fibers to their natural form with every wash. The detergent specially developed for microfibers effortlessly removes polish, sealant, wax, dirt, and other impurities, leaving a fresh scent. Towel Reset protects microfibers in the long term and prevents them from sticking together. At the same time, it ensures high dirt and water absorption capacity of the fibers. Free from softeners and optical brighteners.


· Cleans all microfiber products deeply

· Cleans foam products such as polishing pads

· Free from synthetic softeners, perfumes, or color additives

· pH-neutral


1. Add 30-50ml with the microfiber towels into the washing machine

2. Fill Towel Reset into the detergent tray.

3. Set the washing machine to up to 60°C and select the Easy Care setting, and let it wash.

4. After the wash is complete, remove the towels from the washing machine and shake them vigorously.

5. Hang the towels to dry afterward.


- Do not use more than approximately 80ml of Towel Reset in the washing machine, as it may cause excessive foaming.

- If there are any sealant residues in the towels or gloves and they still remain after washing at 60°C, the towels and/or gloves must be washed once at 90°C or on a boil wash cycle.

Variety 1000ml & 100ml Towel Reset
Delivery: Towel Reset in a bottle


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