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T2000 V3 Polishing Machine – Heavy cut, Medium, High Gloss - Set Advanced

T2000 V3 Polishing Machine – Heavy cut, Medium, High Gloss - Set Advanced
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Content: 1 Kit

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T2000 V3 Polishing Machine – Heavy cut, Medium, High Gloss - Set Advanced 5-piece... more

T2000 V3 Polishing Machine – Heavy cut, Medium, High Gloss - Set Advanced

5-piece polishing kit consisting of the following items:

-          1x Liquid Elements T2000 V3 Eccentric Polishing Machine 9mm HUB

-          1x Liquid Elements 75mm Support Plate for T2000 V3 Eccentric Polishing Machine

-          1x Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Grinding Polish 250ml

-          1x Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 Polish 250ml

-          1x MENZERNA SUPER FINISH 3500 250ML

-          3x Liquid Elements Blue Breeze 2.0 Allround Cloth 40x40cm 350GSM

T2000 V3 Eccentric Polishing Machine 8mm HUB 710 Watt

The T2000 from Liquid Elements is suitable for everyone and professionally manufactured for the automotive sector under strict controls. Whether absolute newcomer to vehicle reconditioning or professional - conditioner, this machine is something for everyone.

With its ergonomic design, particularly pleasant feel, as well as robust and smooth-running electronics, this machine stands out in particular. The electronics are designed for constant torques and speeds.

The double-stocked gearbox provides significantly more torque than simple gear machines.


-          710 Watt Power

-          8mm Eccentric Stroke

-          Speed Constant With Remote Electronic

-          Cable Length: 7.5 Meter

-          6 Stages Speed Regulation


The pre-assembled carbon brushes (1 pair) in the machine have an average service life of about 350 hours of pure service life, which corresponds to a reconditioning of about 50 vehicles. This requires the correct handling and use of the machine during the polishing process, as the service life of the carbon brushes can otherwise vary greatly. Note: Replacement carbon brushes are always included with the machine as standard, so 2 pairs of carbon brushes are available in the delivery.

standard accessory:

-          Already mounted 125mm support plate

-          125mm polishing pad (medium-cut)

-          Practical Liquid Elements Carrying bag

-          side grip

-          replacement carbon brush

-          Allen wrench

-          instruction manual



-          Voltage: 230-240

-          VFrequency: 50Hz

-          Power requirement: 710W

-          Hub speed: 1500-5000 min

-          1 Disc diameter: 125mmSpindle size 5/16" 24

-          Weight: 2.2kg

-          Lpa (sound pressure): 80dB(A)

-          Lwa (Sound Power): 89dB(A)


Liquid Elements 75mm support plate for T2000 V2-V3 and T2500 in exchange for the original 125mm support plate

Supplied additional weight must be used.designed for thread connection: 5/16"-24


Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Grinding Polish 250ml

The special grinding polish Heavy Cut Compound 400 from Menzerna is an innovative grinding polish that leaves a dazzling impression constantly and everywhere. It was specially developed and produced for automotive clearcoats. Grinding marks are removed in record time. Thanks to the latest polishing technology with dividing polishing grain, it is possible to work down to the finishing area.

Cut: 8Gloss: 8

Advantages:Polishes and produces gloss in just one operationTime savings through single-stage work (cut to finish)High working efficiencyHigh gloss level


Processing:rotary, eccentric

Content: 250ml


Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 Polish 250ml

The Medium Cut Polish 2500 from Menzerna is the absolute classic in the Medium Polish segment.The MCP 2500 offers fast removal as well as cleaning of grinding marks on automotive clearcoats.Due to the perfect combination of grinding removal and gloss generation, this product is a safety for quick success.

Cut: 5Gloss: 7

Advantages of Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500:Uniform grinding patternOut-extraordinary glossHigh effective for OEM and repair coatingsRemoving grain grinding 2500Leaves no holograms and micro-scratches

Polishing tools:

Medium polishing pads such as.B the Liquid Elements Centriforce Standard Polishing Pad 125mm orangeMicriber Polishing Pads such as.B. the Liquid Elements Yeti Pad Microfibre Polishing Sponge V2 125mm

Processing:rotary, eccentric




Possesses true star qualities and eliminates polishing marks, micro-scratches and holograms in a brilliant performance.

Category: Alternative

Cut : 3Gloss: 10


Finest abrasives for removing grey veils and hologramsShow-Car surfaceSilikon-free

Polishing tools:

Soft Polishing Pads by Liquid Elements (Yellow)


rotary, eccentric, by hand

Content: 250mlMenzerna Item No.: 22911.281.001

EUH 066 - Repeated contact can lead to brittle or cracked skin.



Liquid Elements "Blue Breeze 2.0" all-round towel

Allround cloth soft and borderlessBlue Breeze 2.0 is a very gentle all-round towel without edge. This was processed with ultrasonic waves, so that no hard edges are created as in laser cutting. This makes Blue Breeze 2.0 perfect for all applications relating to sensitive surfaces. It is extremely soft microfibers and easy handling make the Liquid Elements Blue Breeze 2.0 towel a reliable assistant for car care.The microfiber cloth is particularly suitable for polishing waxes, for strip-free cleaning of smooth surfaces and for effective high-gloss polishing.

Areas of application:
All common paint surfaces

- Size: 40 x 40 cm
- Weight: 350 GSM
- Edge: Microfiber edge cut with ultrasonic waves
- Fiber: Ultra microfiber

Note: Soft fibers do not create micro-scratches on paint or glass

80% polyester20% polyamide



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