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Nanomite - Wash & Sealing Concentrate 100ml

Nanomite - Wash & Sealing Concentrate 100ml
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Liquid Elements Nanomite Wash Sealant Concentrate Nanomite by Liquid Elements is the result... more

Liquid Elements Nanomite Wash Sealant Concentrate

Nanomite by Liquid Elements is the result of almost 2 years of research and development. High-quality sealing additives combine with the shampoo water to form a highly hydrophobic layer on the entire vehicle surface. Plastic, paint, wheels, glass, and all other exterior surfaces of a vehicle can be treated with Nanomite. Cleaning and sealing has never been easier. When used in combination with Liquid Elements Pearl Rain Car Shampoo, the paint is intensively cleaned and protected against new dirt and contamination. The water beading effect is comparable to high-quality waxes and sealants and will impress every car care enthusiast. Due to the ceramic base of the ingredients, the treated vehicle shines extremely after drying. After application, the wash mitt or sponge should be washed with Liquid Elements Towel Reset Microfiber Detergent to prevent permanent bonding of the fibers. If not all residues of Nanomite are removed from the wash mitt or sponge after washing, they should be washed at 90°C or with boil wash.


  • Suitable for all exterior surfaces of vehicles
  • Highly hydrophobic layer (water beading effect)
  • Comparable to high-quality waxes and sealants
  • Strongly adheres to and bonds with the surface
  • Ingredients based on ceramics
  • Extreme shine after washing
  • Difficult adhesion of new dirt
  • Durability of 2-4 weeks depending on dosage


  1. Add 3-5 ml (capfuls) to 10 liters of shampoo water
  2. Distribute with a wash mitt in the bucket
  3. Clean from top to bottom, rinse the mitt in between
  4. Rinse off residue with a high-pressure cleaner


  • Sealing components reduce foam formation
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces
  • Functional with all Liquid Elements car shampoos
  • Do not allow to dry

Variants 1000ml & 100ml Nanomite: Delivery: Nanomite in a bottle


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